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        How to maintenance of stainless steel kitchen utensils

        Stainless steel kitchen utensils and cleaning and maintenance is very simple kitchen cleaning and maintenance is very simple, as long as after the usual cook meals, conveniently to clean up the kitchen, or do thorough maintenance for the kitchen or on a regular basis please do security service for the home kitchen, kitchen utensils and appliances company so not only can keep the kitchen clean as new, more can be removed the year-end cleaning. Kitchen cleaning and maintenance work, has always been a cook the most vexing, grease, rust, scale, etc., are difficult to put the dirt, the following is aiming at all sorts of equipment cleaning and maintenance of the principle in the kitchen as an introduction.

        The maintenance principle of kitchen utensils and appliances cabinet put oneself in another's position

        Basically stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances cabinet put oneself in another's position itself for basic moisture-proof handle, but still can't directly or for a long time to the cabinet put oneself in another's blunt water, in order to avoid board damage due to wet, so the cabinet put oneself in another's surface is stained with water damage, also should immediately with dry cloth to wipe dry. Everyday can wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth, if encounter difficult to wipe, can be neutral detergent and melons cloth lightly brush. And regular maintenance of disinfection can use bleach water and water 1:1 diluent wipe, dry pot dishes and other objects as far as possible and then put into the cabinet put oneself in another's position, and to avoid sharp objects scratch the surface directly, do not use steel brush to brush wash. Switch door plank shoulds not be too hard or over open Angle (110 degrees), hinges and other metal parts, to avoid water damage permanent stay.

        The kitchen mesa daily maintenance work

        Mesa of cleaning and maintenance, general clean with wet cloth, if there are any spots available soap water and neutral detergent cleaning, avoid by all means use chemical cleaners, when encounter a bad stammer dirt might as well use soap water, if the mist mesa, melons can use household cleanser and 3 m cloth (yellow), wiped gently in row circular way, the same method can be applied to the cigarette calcination conditions. Other, still need to pay attention to don't let the deficient special chemicals, such as: dye stripping agent, retinol, acetone etc. Direct contact with the surface, or hot pot put directly to mesa, these actions will damage the table surface, therefore, should be placed on mesa insulated pad in order to avoid this kind of situation. Although mesa repair easily, but some items should pay attention to in the operation, such as cutting things should prepare cutting board, do not cut food directly on the table. Finally should prevent all kinds of damage, make kitchen utensils and appliances and like new.

        Gas stove, except lampblack machine cleaning and maintenance

        Cleaning and maintenance, gas stove, gas stove, can say is the most difficult in the kitchen equipment, which is the most important one annulus. The day to use immediately after the neutral detergent to wipe the table, in order to avoid permanent accumulated dirt, cleaning the difficulties in the future. A week will be induction furnace rods to wipe clean, and regularly to the wire brush to remove carbide furnace mouth, and stabbed through fire hole. When waves when the fire or hot gas stove, gas air volume adjustment should be properly adjusted, in order to avoid the gas leak, even at the same time periodically tested gas rubber hose is loose, crack or leak. Other, gas stoves and the distance from the window above 30 centimeters at least, to avoid strong winds blew out the fire, and the gas stove and condole ark, and in addition to the safe distance of lampblack machine is 60 ~ 75 centimeters.

        2, in addition to the lampblack machine: in addition to the lampblack machine during maintenance or repair need to pull out the plug, so as to avoid electric shock. The best maintenance method is with a dry cloth after daily use neutral detergent to wipe the body shell, when the oil pan or oil cup up to eight full out immediately in order to avoid overflow, regularly with detergent cleaning blades and the lining at the same time, accompanied by oil net except lampblack machine, oil mesh should be every half a month to clean neutral detergent soak cleaning time, as for the switch and the location of the oil cup inner product oil easily, cling film to cover are available, and so clean in the future, as long as open direct replacement. Except the lampblack machine clean little secret: in addition to the lampblack machine come on net, can filter dirty oil reduce and amend the generator load, also can avoid the drops of oil. When oil, oil cup is dirty, usable and clean neutral vacuole 20 minutes, then rinse with water. In addition, after wash oil cup, pour a little dish detergent diluent, can let the next time when cleaning easier.

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